Aldi Deliar Alif Syahputra


Aldi Deliar Alif Syahputra Edy Saptono Retno Ambarsari Soewarso Soewarso Seno Atmodjo Rudjiati Soewarso


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Edy Saptono 3/31/1966  Retno Ambarsari Soewarso 9/17/1965

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children


Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 9/29/1997 Yogyakarta, Indonesia






NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Brothers & Sisters
Oktavia Isnania PutriSister10/10/2000Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Retno Ambarsari SoewarsoMother9/17/1965Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Edy SaptonoFather3/31/1966Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Soewarso Seno AtmodjoGrandfather2/20/1927Yogyakarta, Indonesia9/12/1986Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Rudjiati SoewarsoGrandmother12/28/1933Boyolali, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia4/12/2001Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Great grandparents
Eyang Putri Seno AtmodjoGreat grandmother
Seno Atmodjo Musa GondokusumoGreat grandfather1883
Second great grandparents
Eyang Putri Musa GondokusumoSecond great grandmother
Musa GondokusumoSecond great grandfather
Third great grandparents
Eyang Putri GondokusumoThird great grandmother
GondokusumoThird great grandfather
Uncles & Aunts
Hendri Suseno SoewarsoUncle2/10/1955Yogyakarta, Indonesia2/13/2010Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Henny Yusmantari SoewarsoAunt6/19/1956Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Hendriyanto SoewarsoUncle1/10/1958Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Hendri Santoso SoewarsoUncle11/23/1959Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Trikora Hendriyani SoewarsoAunt5/17/1962Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Etna Ambarwati SoewarsoAunt05/18/1964RS. Panti Rapih, Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Hapsari Astuti SoewarsoAunt8/26/1967Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Great uncles & Great aunts
Habiyah Seno AtmodjoGreat aunt
Muhammad Umar Seno AtmodjoGreat uncle
Siti Seno AtmodjoGreat aunt
Supiyah Seno AtmodjoGreat aunt
Tumbiyah Seno AtmodjoGreat aunt1921Yogyakarta, Indonesia2002Yogyakarta, Indonesia
3xGreat (uncles & aunts)
Sulaiman Gondokusumo3xGreat uncle
Uncles-in-law & Aunts-in-law
Untung PurnomoUncle-in-law11/21/1957Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Herry SetiawanUncle-in-law12/21/1961Kudus, Jawa Tengah, indonesia
Sad Agus PraptionoUncle-in-law8/3/1962Cepu, Blora, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
(Great uncles & Great aunts)-in-law
SadakahGreat uncle-in-law
Soeratno AdhisoedarmoGreat uncle-in-law
Surtilah Amad AshadiGreat aunt-in-law
Bimo Aryotejo Hendri SusenoFirst cousin (m)7/30/1978Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Shinta Aryarini Hendri SusenoFirst cousin (f)5/22/1982Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Seno Triatmojo Hendri SusenoFirst cousin (m)12/13/1984Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Gasta Kanda PratamaFirst cousin (m)5/6/1992Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Giska Adita PratamaFirst cousin (f)5/6/1992Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Gita Arsika PratamaFirst cousin (f)5/6/1992Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Marina PravitasariFirst cousin (f)3/20/1993Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Ajeng PutrianandaFirst cousin (f)10/1/1993Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Hanindira Annisa Putri MoksenFirst cousin (f)7/21/1995Tangerang, Indonesia
Devi Kurniawati HendriyantoFirst cousin (f)12/18/1995Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Tungky Adi PradanaFirst cousin (m)12/21/1995Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Dimas PatrianandaFirst cousin (m)6/25/1996Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Kusumastiti Ciptaning Ratri Hendri SantosoFirst cousin (f)10/30/1996Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Hendrawan Kurnianto HendriyantoFirst cousin (m)6/15/1998Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Rahina Cipta Kusuma Hendri SantosoFirst cousin (m)4/15/1999Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Rizkananda Salsabila Putri MoksenFirst cousin (f)1/27/2000Jakarta, Indonesia
Dinda Faras GhinannafsiFirst cousin (f)3/5/2003Samarinda, Yogyakarta
Second cousins
Adhimas Hario Darujati Priyo SoedarmoSecond cousin (m)
Ajeng Prawoto AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (f)
Albert Aditia AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (m)
Ari Murti SoedjarwoSecond cousin (m)
Ayunda Augustten Prawoto AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (f)
Beatrics Angela Priyo SoedarmoSecond cousin (f)
Beny AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (m)
Dany AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (m)
Dedi AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (m)
Deny SugiartoSecond cousin (m)
Dicky Prasetyo SugiartoSecond cousin (m)
Didik Soewarno SosroSecond cousin (m)
Dina Setyaningrum SugiartoSecond cousin (f)
Dinda SugiartoSecond cousin (f)
Dona SugiartoSecond cousin (f)
Dony SugiartoSecond cousin (m)
Emiliana Citra AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (f)
Eva Anindita AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (m)
Evy Triayuningsih SoedjarwoSecond cousin (f)
Fany AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (m)
Febriano Prawoto AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (m)
Gatha AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (m)
Gema Prasada Adhiputra KurniawanSecond cousin (m)
Iga Larasati Priyo SoedarmoSecond cousin (f)
Mayhesa Prawoto AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (m)
Mukti Diah Ria Soewarno SosroSecond cousin (f)
Pintoko Darupito Kusumajati Priyo SoedarmoSecond cousin (m)
Raden Cassa Suliyantoro AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (m)
Rangga Adhimulya KurniawanSecond cousin (m)
Sony Soewarno SosroSecond cousin (m)
Tasyarilla Ramandhita KurniawanSecond cousin (m)
Theresia Tanty AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (f)
Tony Patria AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (m)
Tri Krismantoro AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (m)
Umaya Dewi SoedjarwoSecond cousin (f)
Wulan AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (f)
Ariyanto CitrosenoSecond cousin (m)1958Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Antono CitroyudoSecond cousin (m)11/17/1960Yogyakarta, Indonesia11/15/1977Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Maharani Citra DewantiSecond cousin (f)6/8/1962Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Raden Roro Julia Sulistiowaty AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (f)7/1/1975
Raden Dimas Suliyantoro AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (m)10/27/1977
Wendy Umar Seno AdjiSecond cousin (m)5/31/1978Yogyakarta
Fany SusiloSecond cousin (m)5/1/1979
Winda Ayu SwastikaSecond cousin (f)10/13/1981
Raden Luhung Wicaksana AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (m)5/21/1997
Raden Roro Widya Zulhijzara AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (f)11/30/2007
Raden Roro Prima Junisya AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (m)06/20/2010
Raden Bangun Laksono AdhisoedarmoSecond cousin (m)11/12/2012
1st cousins once removed up
Fajar Prasetyati Adhisoedarmo1st cousin once removed up (f)
Imam Prasetyo Adhisoedarmo1st cousin once removed up (m)
Prahesti Handayani Adhisoedarmo1st cousin once removed up (f)
Pramudji Adhisoedarmo1st cousin once removed up (m)
Pramudjiwati Adhisoedarmo1st cousin once removed up (f)
Pranyoto Adhisoedarmo1st cousin once removed up (m)
Pratini Adhisoedarmo1st cousin once removed up (f)
Pratiwi Adhisoedarmo1st cousin once removed up (f)
Prawoto Adhisoedarmo1st cousin once removed up (m)
Priyo Soedarmo1st cousin once removed up (m)
Ratna Agustina Adhisoedarmo1st cousin once removed up (f)
Mokh Maksum1st cousin once removed up (m)12/25/1937Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Sumarno Muhammad Umar1st cousin once removed up (m)4/20/1946
Raden Rudi Prabowo Adhisoedarmo1st cousin once removed up (m)2/7/1953
1st cousins 3 times removed up
Marto Atmojo1st cousin 3 times removed up (m)
Mas Ud1st cousin 3 times removed up (m)
Neneng Amsiyah1st cousin 3 times removed up (f)
Sastro Kusumo1st cousin 3 times removed up (m)
2nd cousins once removed
Charlotte Wattam2nd cousin once removed (f)
Deriza Wattam2nd cousin once removed (m)
Georgia2nd cousin once removed (f)
William Wattam2nd cousin once removed (m)
Roza Ardiansyah2nd cousin once removed (m)3/2/1987Purworejo, Indonesia
Rizqi Radityo2nd cousin once removed (m)12/24/1994Purworejo, Indonesia
Sevia Chairunnisa Setiyawaty2nd cousin once removed (f)4/15/2001
Kukuh Satrio Aji Prakoso2nd cousin once removed (m)9/13/2002Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Salsabila Regina Puspitasari2nd cousin once removed (f)5/6/2003
Cut Azalea Shaleeca Balqis2nd cousin once removed (f)6/5/2007
Muhammad Abqori Narendra Affandi2nd cousin once removed (m)5/1/2008
Keya Akbar Putra Pinilih Adhisoedarmo2nd cousin once removed (m)9/9/2008
Sheehan Sadina Farizqi2nd cousin once removed (m)11/4/2009
Teuku Muhammad Abdullah Azzam2nd cousin once removed (m)2/7/2010
Raden Roro Gendhis Condro Kinanti Adhisoedarmo2nd cousin once removed (f)03/25/2012
Aisyiyah Zifka Rahmadifa2nd cousin once removed (f)4/27/2012
Kioshi Narotama Putra Pamungkas Adhisoedarmo2nd cousin once removed (m)6/12/2012
Teuku Muhammad Allie Fachrie2nd cousin once removed (m)10/5/2012
Raden Roro Khenes Lintang Kirana Adhisoedarmo2nd cousin once removed (f)10/7/2013
Shaqila Afika Nadifa2nd cousin once removed (f)1/24/2015

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